Self-Direction Services, Support, & Training Services

JG Fiscal is more than just a fiscal agency.  We strive to develop a one-on-one relationship and provide personalized care solutions ideal to each individual’s needs.

Self-Direction Training Resources & Documentation

We offer a comprehensive “get started” package of training materials and documentation to get you started on the way to independence and self-direction.

Training Resources
At JG Fiscal, our mission is to simplify payroll processing, taxes, and other administrative functions making it worry-free for those with disabilities and long term care needs.
JG Fiscal Services provides the fiscal agent resources to support you in directing and managing your care. We provide a range of administrative, clerical, and payroll services to help make your employer responsibilities more manageable.

Payroll Services

I provide comprehensive Payroll Services, Quarterly Reports, and Government Reporting/Filing for Employees.

Compassionate Collaboration

My true passion is in helping people, and I seek to develop a relationship with you and your term to better understand your needs.

Training Resources

JG Fiscal provides training resources and documents to ensure a smooth transition.

Knowledgeable Support

With over 15 years of experience, we can help with all fiscal services planning and assist with any questions you may have.

Jean Gottwald originally began JG Fiscal in 2010 in order to provide fiscal agent services for Family Care clients who qualify for Self Directed Services (SDS).
Contact Info

Jean Gottwald, Fiscal Agent
673 4th Avenue North
Park Falls, WI 54552

Phone: (715) 661-9101